How safe are your kitchens?

Be sure with Extract-Awair

The condition of an extraction system is dependent on many factors; the intensity of its use, the frequency and quality of cleaning, the system design, its age, and the accessibility of critical parts of the ductwork. So every system is unique, but all systems share one thing in common:

Your legal obligation to clean and maintain the system to acceptable standards.

Extract-Awair can help you to understand those obligations, and can support you in four key areas:

  • assist you in the interpretation and application of the B&ES TR/19 guidance
  • audit your extraction systems to put you in a position of detailed and specific knowledge of each system for which you have a responsibility
  • project manage alterations to existing systems to ensure full compliance
  • design management protocols to ensure your continued safety and compliance


Kitchen Extract Compliance

Each kitchen extract system creates hazards due to the potential for accumulation of grease - which is a hidden combustion load. These deposits are flammable given certain conditions so can be either the source of fire or fuel for a fire. For this reason the Health & Safety Executive and insurers stipulate that extract systems should be kept clean.

Specific guidance on how this should be achieved is given by:

  • BS EN 15780:2011
  • B&ES (Building and Engineering Services Association) TR/19
  • Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 (and amendments)
  • Workplace Health, Safety & Welfare Regulations 1992 (and amendments)
  • The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005
  • Industry best practise

The compliance structure is, therefore, comprehensive but also complex. It places a duty of care responsibility on food service companies and also upon individual building managers.

Extract-Awair offers a complete consultancy service to help you navigate the regulations and how they apply to each individual system you operate. In other words, we put you in a position to control and manage your extract systems.

Audit Services

Complete visibility of hidden risks

Commercial kitchens tend be characterised by the following designs:

  • Established premises pre-dating modern compliance standards. Older established kitchens often present considerable challenges to maintenance. Extract-Awair will investigate such systems, presenting you with detailed reports (including photography) itemising issues around accessibility, grease build-up, options for improvement, required remedial actions and recommendations for future maintenance.
  • Conversion premises with architecture which limits system design. Conversions are increasingly popular particularly within town-centre premises where the pre-existing architecture will, to some extent, prescribe the overall design of kitchens. It is vitally important (not least to save considerable time and money later) to engage our services early in the design process so that a compliant extract system is proposed and subsequently installed.
  • New-build premises permitting best practise system design. New-build kitchens offer little excuse for designers failing to propose non-compliant systems, and yet it's surprising how often such systems require remedial action. We regularly see systems that were compliant on paper, but which were rendered non-compliant by poor installation or were compromised by secondary systems or services which denied proper access to the full length of the ductwork.

All our work is fully supported by our own industry-leading expertise, professional indemnity guarantees and will be carried out in full compliance with regulatory standards and industry best-practise.

Project Management

End to end management of kitchen extract systems

Extract-Awair is suitably qualified to assume responsibility for the management of fully compliant cleaning and maintenance programmes for your kitchen extract systems.

Under this kind of arrangement, we will audit and appraise your systems, implement remedial action (where necessary) and then manage the supply chain in the delivery on ongoing cleaning and maintenance.

You will have unrestricted access via your client login to our secure servers (through this website), where we will publish a full suite of reports, audits, specifications and records. In this way you can delegate your responsibility towards your staff, customers and the general public to us, with complete confidence.

Process Authorship

Expertly written management standards

Whether you are responsible for one single kitchen extract system or many, it is your duty to have and to follow a fit-for-purpose management standard for the maintenance of those systems.

Extract-Awair has the necessary expertise to write a fully compliant and best-practise management standard and to ensure that you understand how to adhere to its principles and processes.

Our commitment to you is that the processes we author on your behalf are tailored to your specific requirements, balancing issues such as risk and compliance with your operational and commercial objectives, and are comprehensive and functional.